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G5 Evolution Martial Arts was founded in Swindon in 2009 by Shihan Ken Stronach, Founder and Master Instructor. One of our founding members Sensei Jim Miller, Master Instructor and 5th Dan, opened the Poole Dojo in 2012.


Located in the heart of Poole Town Centre, we are a friendly club, open to all ages and all abilities. Designed to promote good health, fitness both in mind and body, to give you skills that will help make your life an adventure to be proud of.


We don't encourage violence or anti-social behaviour. We do encourage you to train hard for your own self defence and personal growth. Great people are just ordinary people with an extraordinary amount of determination, they understand that happiness is not found in the absence of conflict, but in the ability to cope with it. The difference between the impossible and the possibilities in a person's determination. 

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Our goal is to offer every student a safe and fun place to

grow and learn, to feel passion for life, and in turn for Martial Arts. For them to develop courtesy, loyalty and respect. For them to grow with perseverance, honour, integrity and
self-control. For them to gain life skills that will make every
one of them a winner in LIFE.